Far-Ancient Ba Yu

Ancient Bashu exhibits the history from the birth of the first human being over 2 million years ago to the merging of Bashu culture with central-plain culture of China. With the rare complete sequence of ancient culture of China, Chongqing area boasts the earliest humankind in East Asia, the earliest carving artwork of the world and the earliest pottery in upper reach of Yangtze River. In China's history, the ethic groups in this region created the unique Bashu culture. In this exhibition, you c……

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A Brief Introduction to the Three Gorges Museum of China in Chongqing

China Three Gorges Museum is situated at the west part of the People's Square of Chongqing . Occupying the area of 30,000 square meters,the museum was completed and opened to the public on Jun 18 , 2005 with the construction area of 42,500 square meters.It was the first large museum with the title of " China " named by the State Council Office of the People's Republic of China beyond Bei……

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Exhibitions List

Basic Exhibitions

Special Exhibitions

Custom of Nationalities in Sou

Custom of Nationalities in Southwest Regions is that people in the long historical process of the formation of beliefs and customs. Chongqing and Southwest has a long history, products lush, simple and sincere, unique folk customs and things like the many splendours, and splendor. Exhibition is divided into four parts: pastoral scenery, residential marriage customs, ethnic craft, Han folk arts and crafts. The exhibition collection Tujia, Miao, Tibetan, Yi, Qiang, Don……

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